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Danny Bell named Community Arts Council Artist-in-Residence

Danny Bell

The Community Arts Council of Prince George & District has named Danny Bell as its 10th Artist-in-Residence, Danny Bell. This year, the CAC has opened the artist-in-residence program to include a diverse range of artists and it is excited to continue our support of the performing arts by appointing Danny as our first musician in the program.

Danny Bell was born and raised in Red Wing, Minnesota (known for manufacturing fine work boots and Bic brand golf balls). Danny started studying piano at the age of seven, and went on to study percussion with Dan Mars, Don Gallas, and Joe Tange.  Self-taught in the accordion, Danny sees himself as a life-long student of percussion and accordion.

“The learning never stops, and that’s exciting and overwhelming all at the same time,” he says.

Danny moved to Prince George in 2009 where he earned a degree in Anthropology from UNBC. Danny was inspired by many great songwriters and performers in in the small-town music scene across Canada. Hearing great songs by people he knew inspired him to start writing his own compositions. An entrepreneurial person by nature, he believes that a career in music wasn’t so much a personal choice, but an internal calling that he could not mute.  Producing performances with Prince George and on tour is the great joy of Danny’s life. 

Danny has performed across western Canada, headlining at the Edge of the World Music Festival in 2022 and playing at the Arts Wells Music Festival, Robson Valley Music Festival, Kispiox Music Festival, Wayestock in Alberta, and The Napatak Ramble in northern Saskatchewan. He is currently preparing to embark on his first US tour of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  

Danny Bell and His Disappointments released their second album, “Songs for the town”, in December of 2020. Exclaim! Magazine called the album an “anti-capitalist, anti-elitist, anti-asshole folk record for small moments in small places.” The band’s newest release, titled Killing Birds, was mostly recorded in the foreman’s office in an abandoned sawmill just outside of Mackenzie, BC.  The EP’s songs are reactions to a change in pace and identity during the pandemic. The slow pace and isolation of a part-time security job brought this new perspective.

Danny’s future ambitions include a European tour, and more performances in the USA.  “I want to keep making music and touring with my friends”, he said. Danny is the 2023-2024 Artist-in-Residence at the Community Arts Council of Prince George & District and will be creating a multi-part performance piece to be premiered at the Knox Performance Centre in 2024.


The Artist-in-Residence program is intended to accommodate artists for a period of one year for the development and production of ongoing or new bodies of work.

Components of this year’s program include:
•    Administrative and mentorship support
•    Website, newspaper, radio, TV and social media coverage throughout the term
•    Opportunities to perform and sell merchandise at CAC events 
•    Minimum one, feature performance at Knox Performance Centre in May/ June 2024.

The Artist-in-Residence also facilitates outreach activities such as talks, workshops and performances, intended to promote interaction and professional development, and provide access to a diverse range arts practices within the community. 

The artists-in-residence to date have included Corey Hardeman, Cliff Mann, Crystal Tarr, Carla Joseph, Michael Kast & Lynette LaFontaine, Donna Morrison, Erin Stagg, and Frances Gobbi.

“We are excited to welcome Danny Bell as our new Artist-in-Residence,” says Executive Director Eli Klasner. “Danny’s exceptional talent and dedication to the arts align perfectly with our mission to enrich and diversify the cultural landscape of Prince George. His residency promises to be a remarkable journey, and we look forward to witnessing the transformative impact of his work on our community.”

For more information on the Artist-in-Residence Program, please contact Lisa Redpath, Program Manager, 250-563-2880 or

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