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The Prince George Daily News supports independent journalism. We hope you do too. Our goal with the Prince George Daily News is to provide independent quality journalism focusing on Prince George and northern B.C. However, news is free, but journalism comes with a price. We are striving to build a news site that depends on you, the reader, for its existence. You can support journalism by becoming a ‘journalism patron.’ While the Prince George Daily News is free, we do ask you to support us financially, however you can. Frankly, without the support of our readers, we won’t exist. And, become a journalism patron. We have several ways for you to be a journalism patron. The first, and most economical way to become a Journalism Patron, is to simply reward good story-telling. At the end of each story you will find a ‘donate’ button, where you can send a dollar or two our way for simply writing a good story. The second way to become a Journalism Patron is with a monthly contribution. We have three levels … cub reporter, crusty editor, and media baron. Take your pick. The third way is with one-time contribution of your choice. We will also reward our Journalism Patrons with more than just good journalism delivered every day. We promise to share any swag we get with our Journalism Patrons through contests and giveaways. Watch for details. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for home delivery of the Prince George Daily News. It will arrive in your in-box every morning. Curl up with a good cup of coffee and find out what is going on in your community today. We seek to inform, rather than simply notify. Support independent journalism and become a Prince George Daily News Journalism Patron today.

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