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Councillors to learn how to save their skin

As part of a public awareness campaign during May, Save Your Skin Foundation (SYSF) invited provinces and municipalities across the country to proclaim May ‘Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month’.

The City of Prince George, BC is one of 50 cities and five provinces across the country who answered the call to take a stance against skin cancer this summer, helping to bring greater awareness to this dangerous, and largely preventable, disease.

On Monday, May 27 at 6pm, Prince George resident Mike Allan, who was diagnosed with terminal melanoma in 2009, will address the mayor and council on the importance of sun safety, sharing his experience with overcoming late-stage melanoma skin cancer.

“As we approach the summer months, it’s crucial that we prioritize sun safety and raise awareness about the risks of skin cancer. The Save Your Skin Foundation’s proclamation initiative is an important step in educating our communities about the dangers of melanoma and skin cancer,” said Mayor Simon Yu. “By proclaiming May as ‘Melanoma Awareness Month,’ here in Prince George we’re taking a proactive stance in promoting sun safety and encouraging our residents to protect themselves and their children by applying sunscreen to block harmful UV rays. I commend the efforts of the Save Your Skin Foundation and urge other municipalities to join us in this important initiative to save lives and prevent skin cancer.”

In 2022, over 80,000 Canadians were diagnosed with skin cancer. 8,700 of these were new melanoma cases. Over 1,300 lost their lives to melanoma. Despite these figures, Canadians are spending more time in the sun without taking recommended precautions.

“Studies show that young people still aren’t taking sun safety seriously despite incidence rates rising
every year,” said Kathy Barnard, stage 4 melanoma survivor and Founder of Save Your Skin Foundation.
“Skin cancer can be deadly, but it is also highly preventable.”

Sun Safety Tips

Applying sunscreen is part of an overall sun-safe way to enjoy the outdoors. First, limit your time in the direct sunlight, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., seek shade, cover up by wearing long sleeves and pants and a wide-brimmed hat. Use sunscreen, specifically one labeled broad-spectrum, SPF 30, protect the lips with lip sunscreen or zinc oxide. Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure, and reapply every two hours or after swimming.

Check out Save Your Skin’s Skin Cancer Prevention Tips and Self Skin Examination guides.

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