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This is National Police Week

Monday marked the beginning of National Police Week – a seven-day public awareness campaign that encourages increased awareness and understanding between police and the communities they serve. 

This year, under the theme “Committed to Serve Together,” we acknowledge the crucial partnership between members of a police service, between police services, between the police and other first responders, as well as between the police and the organizations and people in the communities they serve. It is this collaboration that forms the cornerstone of effective crime prevention and public safety initiatives.

“Through education and public awareness campaigns, crime prevention initiatives, and responding to emergency service calls, we strive to maintain and enhance public safety throughout Prince George. We know this goal is best accomplished by strengthening the partnerships we have with the people and organizations in our community and are committed to serve together,” Cpl. Jennifer Cooper, Media Relations Officer for the Prince George RCMP.

This is an opportunity to strengthen the bond between police officers and their community. By fostering open dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect, we can build safer, more inclusive neighbourhoods where everyone feels valued and protected. By standing united, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to serve and protect, ensuring a brighter, safer future for generations to come.

This week, and every week, Prince George RCMP Detachment is proud to affirm that it is #CommittedToServeTogether.

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