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Content creatorAudrey McKinnon receives $12,000 in Telus StoryHive funding

Audrey McKinnon

Audrey McKinnon, a local Prince George content creator was selected to receive $12,000 in production funding, as well as training, a community of support and distribution on TELUS Optik TV, Stream+ and STORYHIVE’s YouTube channel, as a part of the brand-new TELUS STORYHIVE Video Podcast program.

This funding and support will help Audrey create her project, the Miss Diagnosed Podcast, in which Audrey, as a late-diagnosed woman with AuDHD (Autism/ADHD), follows her nose in a series of interviews to better understand how ADHD and autism diagnostic criteria and the medical system missed an entire generation of women — and what it means for this generation of women now. Miss Diagnosed will dive into the past, present and future in search of unsolved problems, while building community.

According to the Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada, 46 per cent of women with ADHD were initially misdiagnosed with another disorder before receiving a proper ADHD diagnoses. Audrey’s upcoming project diving into personal experiences with this will shed a much-needed light on the impact of this stat.

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