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Pair get jail time for drug trafficking

Two Prince George men have been sentenced to jail for trafficking heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine through a ‘dial-a-dope’ operation.

In Prince George Supreme Court, Marshall Luther Cade was sentenced to 38 months in jail on each of three counts unlawfully possessing cocaine (186 grams), methamphetamine (135 grams), and fentanyl (11 grams) for the purpose of trafficking. The drugs were packaged in bulk and individual consumption baggies with distinctive patterns denoting volume. The drugs had a street value of between $16,300 and $23,600.

John Jacob Ceal was sentenced to 27 months in jail on one coun of unlawfully possessing cocaine (286 grams), for the purpose of trafficking. The drugs had a street value of between $18,000 and $25,000.

In both cases Justice Crerar said that, in Cade’s case were it not for his personal circumstances and lack of a criminal record, the sentence would have been higher. And for Ceal, he said, “but for your lack of a criminal record, as well as your remorse and acceptance of the wrongness of your crime, it would have been higher.”

It was that admission that got Ceal a lower sentence.

“In contrast to Mr. Ceal, Mr. Cade continues to wholly deny that he ever committed a crime,” wrote Justice Crerar in his ruling. “He shows no remorse and no insight; he can thus show no steps towards rehabilitation; or reassure the Court that he poses no further threat to offend. He blames everyone but himself for his crime and his present circumstances. His assurances of vocational intentions, and his job history since arrest, are vague. While he suffers from undiagnosed anxiety and anger issues, these fall short of diagnosed conditions, and are experienced by many individuals who do not commit crime. Importantly, Mr Cade trafficked in fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine, exposing his customers to mortal risk, not to feed or finance personal drug use, but solely for profit. In these circumstances, only a custodial sentence will achieve the primary goals of denunciation and deterrence for drug offences. With an eye to the restraint principle, given the marked absence of remorse and insight, only a custodial sentence will bring to bear the gravity of the offences to this offender.”

Police arrested Cade, Ceal, and Shawn Brian Omark Whaling on July 5, 2019. Whaling, pleaded guilty and was diverted to the Indigenous Criminal Sentencing Court.

 RCMP had been watching a 15th Avenue apartment building  where they “observed 23 short-duration visits to the 15th Avenue apartment building in less than 48 hours,” according to the ruling. “Mr. Ceal and Mr. Whaling were also observed making brief stops, seemingly conducting hand-to-hand transactions, in their vehicles around Prince George: 19 in total, over the three days, with six for Mr. Ceal (in his blue Volkswagen Jetta), and 13 for Mr. Whaling. On the evening of July 5, an undercover agent purchased one gram of cocaine for $80 from Mr. Ceal.”

Police obtained a search warrant and forcibly entered the apartment July 5, 2019.

Cade, in an attempt to flee, jumped out a third-storey window and injured his ankle in the fall. He was surrounded by scattered cash and bags of what turned out to be bulk illegal drugs.

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