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Upgraded medical imaging services for the Dawson Creek and District Hospital

X-ray machine in the medical imaging department.


Northern Health

The Dawson Creek and District Hospital (DCDH) recently received an upgrade to its medical imaging services with the replacement of one of its two X-ray machines.

X-rays use a tiny dose of radiation to produce images of internal structures in the body. They are often used to help diagnose broken bones, look for injury or infection, or find foreign objects.

The old X-ray machine was a Canon Radrex-i model, installed in February 2013. It was outdated and was becoming difficult to operate due to maintenance issues and the need to replace parts. The new machine is a Carestream Evolution, which features improved image quality, increased reliability, and shorter downtimes, leading to shorter wait times for patients.

The project began in late October 2023, took approximately 12 weeks, and was completed in mid-January. The cost was approximately $482,700, which included removing the old machine, renovating the room, and buying and installing the new X-ray machine.

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