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Green Day grows into weeks-long celebration

Green Day Coordinator Olga Pickard and Sustainability Manager Ann Doung are looking forward to the more than two dozen events leading up to Green Day on March 26. UNBC photo

Green Day has been a fixture at UNBC for more than 15 years and this year it’s growing into a multi-week sustainability extravaganza.

There are more than two dozen events, beginning with the opening ceremony on March 11 and running through to Green Day on March 26. They cover topics related to all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

“We wanted to spur discussions on a wide variety of themes related to all aspects of sustainability,” says UNBC Sustainability Manager Ann Duong. “These events demonstrate how UNBC can lead a sustainable future through education, research, collaboration, and community impact.” 

Featuring presentations from UNBC students, alumni, faculty, staff, community members and guest speakers, the sessions not only highlight green initiatives already underway at UNBC and across northern B.C. but also nationally and are intended to inspire new ideas and connections. Many of the events will take place in the evening to give more opportunity for the Prince George community to take part.

“We want to make all the events leading up to Green Day inclusive and accessible,” says UNBC student and Green Day Coordinator Olga Pickard. “We are looking forward to learning from a diverse group of researchers, students and engaged community members as they celebrate what we’ve accomplished and identify what still needs to be done to meet our sustainability goals.”

Launched in 2008 as a grassroots initiative by a group of students, Green Day has evolved into a signature event at the Prince George campus. 

Among the highlights in 2024 are an opening night panel discussion on climate change and environmental justice, a full day of activities devoted to sustainable business practice, a presentation focused on empowering marginalized groups and a human library, where people can “borrow” an expert to speak with them about their knowledge. There are also hands-on activities including a campus clean up, recycling competition, 3D art creation with recycled materials, a climate cook-in featuring plant-based food and a group bike ride exploring cycling infrastructure in Prince George. 

There will also be an opportunity to participate in a round table discussion focused on developing the next phase of UNBC’s sustainability policy.

The festivities conclude with Green Day on March 26 with an awards celebration for the recycling contest, tours of the award-winning Bioenergy Plant and a final panel discussion focused on the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Check out the full list of events. 

“With 27 different events, there is something for everyone this year,” Duong says. “Join us as we plant the seeds for a greener tomorrow, nurturing our commitment to a sustainable future.”

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