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Trailblazing wrestlers makes first local appearance in 18 years

At 13 years old, Raeann Jagodnik declared her intentions to her mother that she wanted to become a professional wrestler, stepping into the ring to start her journey the day after her 14th birthday. She returns for her first match locally in 18 years on April 12 at the Prince George Civic Centre.

Now, having appeared in more than 500 matches across North America and laying claim to 18 championships during her career – including titles that have traditionally been reserved for her male counterparts, she has built an enviable career.

Most recently, she was honoured by the wrestling industry at a ceremony in Las Vegas as the first recipient of the “Independent Wrestling award” – an honor celebrating her lifetime contribution to the sport. She shared the stage with such wrestling luminaries as C.M. Punk, Rey Misterio and Mickie James.

Her career is far from typical or traditional – opposing and conquering both women and men during her 21-year career between the ropes. She is expected to receive a hero’s welcome upon her appearance in Prince George, the city where the building blocks of her career were laid. 

Tickets are available at Scrapbook Zone and J&A Stero+. Proceeds of this event will go toward a local PG Charity to be announced later this month. 

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