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There’s been a slight chill in the air

Did anyone else in Prince George notice it’s been a bit cold lately?

Just me?

I didn’t really think so.

It was quite cold for a few days, but with any luck that’s the worst of the cold weather for the winter.

It was kind of ironic that a day or two after they got cold enough weather to get the Outdoor Ice Oval up for the season, it was too cold for (almost) anyone to go on the ice.

Someone once told me Canada is the only country she knows of where people go INTO the arena to warm up while watching a hockey game.

I noticed one side effect of the cold weather while I was crossing the street downtown on the way to my car. A couple of people seemed to be having an argument on the sidewalk, but I couldn’t hear anything.

Then it occurred to me that their words were freezing as soon as they left their mouths, and they weren’t actually forming enough to be heard.

In a couple of weeks, there might be a surprise for people walking by there when the weather warms up. Those words are going to thaw out and be heard, even though there isn’t anyone there.

(No, Bill, I don’t have any scientific authority to back up this assertion.)

My Mom was checking when it got cold to make sure I was dressed properly for the weather. I told her I was wearing a pair of short socks covered by a pair of wool socks; a pair of sweatpants covered by a pair of trousers; a long-sleeved shirt covered by a sweatshirt covered by my winter jacket; a pair of winter gloves; and a toque covered by a balaclava.

Given I was spending the minimum amount of time outside each time I left my apartment, that ensemble worked quite well. The biggest pain was when I was somewhere for a while that was quite warm, because it meant I had to spend about 10 minutes taking off the entire outer layer, then spend another 10 minutes putting it on again when it was time to leave.

I have frequently told people that I prefer the cold to snow in Prince George in the winter, because it’s not that hard to walk in the cold, but it can be quite hard to walk in snow.

That theory went out the window this week. (Well, not literally because all my windows are closed because it’s . . . you know . . . cold out.)

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