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Simon Fraser Bridge reopens today

The Simon Fraser Bridge will fully reopen this weekend, with the completion of upgrades that will extend the life of this highway connection for people in and around Prince George.

Upgrades to the structure include a full deck replacement and strengthening of the truss for the southbound bridge. An increase in height clearance will match the adjacent northbound crossing, which will allow for the passage of taller transport vehicles on the Ferry Avenue underpass.

Other works included widening the shoulders and replacing the existing railings on both sides with crash-tested bridge barriers. The improvements make the structure more reliable for approximately 18,000 vehicles that cross daily.

“Making this passage safer and more reliable has a huge impact on the people that rely on this crossing to get to and from their work and families,” said Rob Fleming, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. “It also means our northern industries have better options for transport. The Simon Fraser Bridge is a historic crossing, and modernizing this structure means all travellers in the North can count on this passage long into the future.”

The original Simon Fraser Bridge was built in 1963 as part of Highway 97. In 2009, the bridge was twinned with an adjacent two-lane bridge, which brought four-lane capacity to the crossing that serves north and south Prince George.

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