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City looking at moving garbage collection to bi-weekly schedule

Council was presented with a report outlining options and impacts of a change to a bi-weekly schedule for solid waste pick up including compost service options.

According to the report, the first step in moving towards bi-weekly garbage collection is the development of a Solid Waste Management Plan designed specifically for the City of Prince George that would create a waste reduction roadmap with specific target initiatives;

  • Identifying targeted deliverables, producing communication plans for waste reduction and illegal dumping, education about recycling and other waste diversion strategies.
  • Identifying community based social marketing programs to establish community support for the division’s initiatives.
  • Pursue grants to assist with solid waste/management initiatives and/or technologies to support the division.
  • Develop business cases for both the implementation of a seasonal yard & garden waste collection system, as well as taking over the collection of curbside recyclables.
  • Conduct waste composition studies of municipal solid waste and recommend material bans and bylaw changes

Council gave approval for staff to procure professional services to assist with the formulation of a City of Prince George Solid Waste Management Plan. The plan would help inform the requirements for implementing a bi-weekly collection model. Ideally, this process would begin in 2024.

Council also approved a motion to coordinate a presentation by the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George to expand on requirements for diverting recyclables/compostables. The regional district operates the Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill and the associated waste diversion programs.

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