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Keeping track of time … or least the change

We set our clocks back Sunday morning.

At least, we did if we didn’t want to get into a whole bunch of confusion the rest of the day on Sunday, showing up at the wrong time for everything.

I did something this year I’ve joked about doing in the past. I set my clock-radio alarm for 1:50 a.m. just so I could do the clocks at the ‘official’ time of 2 a.m.

I also wanted to see what happened with things like my computer and my phone, where the clocks were supposed to reset automatically.

My alarm went off right on schedule, and I popped out of bed, set the clock-radio back to 1 a.m., set the clock on my microwave and turned back the hands on my wall clock, then turned on the computer and kept my phone handy.

Right on schedule, both the computer and my phone went from 1:59 to 1:00, so I knew everything had worked. I made a mental note to change the clock in my car back when I used it for the first time and check the clock at CFIS when I went in Monday morning, since it usually doesn’t get changed.

With that out of the way, I started trying to estimate when we would be through with this whole twice-yearly process. B.C. agreed some years ago to stay on one time all year, but wanted to do it in conjunction with the states on the Pacific coast so all of us were on the same time.

Washington, Oregon and California have now apparently all agreed to the process, so what’s the holdup? Well, since this is something involving more than one state, it has to be approved by the U.S. federal government as well.

It appears there is no hurry in Washington (the city, not the state) to do this. At first, it was quite understandable, since there was the whole COVID thing and there were more important things than time changes to worry about.

That’s out of the way now, but since there is an election coming up in a year south of the border, there’s a good chance the time-change bill will get shuffled to the bottom of the stack again.

So it may be a while before we can stop changing our clocks every six months. Or we can move to Saskatchewan, where they don’t change the clocks.

Anyway, after a few minutes Sunday morning, I decided to resume my sleep, and crawled back into bed.

And was awakened less than an hour later when my clock radio, still set for 1:50 a.m., went off for the second time that morning.

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