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Speed skater Carolina Hiller sharing her journey to 2026 Olympics

Carolina Hiller. Bence Horvai photo

With the Milan-Cortina Olympics 2026 just two years away, the journey to represent on the world stage intensifies.

Carolina Hiller, a devoted long track speed skater from Prince George, has launched her personal website in anticipation. This platform aims to connect Carolina with well-wishers and supporters, offering a modest reflection on her journey in the sport she loves leading to the road to Milan.

Coming from the heart of Prince George, Carolina’s journey on ice has always been about passion, community, and a genuine love for speed skating. Her new website offers a simple, yet heartfelt narrative of her experiences, the milestones she’s achieved, and her hopes for the future.

Alongside sharing her story, Carolina is also extending an invitation to potential sponsors who might be interested in supporting her dreams leading to the Milan-Cortina Olympics 2026. She understands the importance of community and partnership in sports and hopes to collaborate with those who resonate with her aspirations.

“Every step in this journey has been made possible thanks to the support and encouragement of countless individuals,” said Carolina. “It’s not just about the financial aspect. It’s about joining hands with those who believe in my dream, who see the fire in my eyes and want to be a part of this incredible journey. The road to Milan is paved with challenges, but with the right partners by my side, I believe we can achieve greatness for Canada.”

Carolina’s commitment to speed skating is evident in her dedication to the sport. Sponsorships will help ensure that she can continue to focus on her training and represent her Country to the best of her ability.

Interested individuals and organizations can learn more about how they can support Carolina on her newly launched website. Any assistance, big or small, will go a long way in aiding her preparations for the upcoming years of training and competitions.

Carolina is a two-time Canadian champion, and a world champion, most recently placing first in the 500m in the 2023 Canadian Long Track Championships. Her journey in speed skating is a testament to her love for the sport. Beyond the ice oval, Carolina values her research work and cherishes the opportunity to give back through volunteering.

Those interested in learning more about Carolina and her aspirations can visit her website at and contact her directly through the site for sponsorship opportunities

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