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Queensway tree and vegetation clearing starts October 24

A section of the slopes along Queensway next to the Hudson’s Bay Wetland will be undergoing tree and large vegetation clearing.

The clearing area is located along the west and east slopes of the Queensway Dike, extending approximately 115 feet along Queensway between Regents Crescent and 20th Avenue. The clearing work will begin work on Tuesday, October 24, and is scheduled until the end of November. A dike is a barrier used to regulate or hold back water from a river, lake, or even the ocean. 

Minor traffic disruptions along that section of Queensway are expected during this time.  The workers will be setting up a mulching machine in the Hudson’s Bay Parking lot, but two parking spaces will be left open for public use.

The tree clearing is part of a multi-phased remediation effort, which will bring the dike up to Provincial requirements under the Dike Maintenance Act.

These projects are reflective of professional recommendations provided through evaluations and assessments of the dike to ensure it continues to function as intended. Uncontrolled vegetation growth is harmful to the integrity of the dike as it can provide a conduit for water to pass through, cause uplift, and provide a habitat for burrowing rodents, among other risks.  

This work is budgeted at $80,000 and is funded through Storm Drain Pond Outfall Renewal.

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