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October – Time for baseball, hockey, football, and Christmas decorations

It can’t be October already.

I mean, we just celebrated Canada Day last week, didn’t we?

OK, the way the temperature has been recently, it’s easier to believe it’s October. And the way the leaves have been falling from the trees, same thing.

That doesn’t make it easier to accept that there are just three months left in 2023.

There are a few other clues as to the time of year we are in now. The Cougars and the Spruce Kings are both into their regular seasons. Major League Baseball is starting its playoffs. The NHL and the NBA are getting ready to face off and top off, respectively.

I guess, since it’s the first week of October, it won’t be long until some stores start doing their Christmas decorating. They don’t worry about little things like Remembrance Day. Nope, for them it’s all about Christmas.

I still see things on the streets of Prince George that make me shake my head, especially what seems to be an increasing number of pedestrians with electronic devices in front of their faces who blithely step off the curb into an intersection without checking to make sure the driver coming toward them isn’t doing the same thing.

Another problem I’ve meant to comment on when it comes to some drivers is how they come out of a parking lot. Most parking lots in Prince George are designed so one vehicle can be leaving at the same time as another one is going in.

At least, that’s the theory.

Unfortunately, that theory involves having drivers with the ability to stay in their own lanes and not just drive right down the middle of the entrance/exit, thereby blocking it completely for other vehicles.

I also saw something a few days ago I don’t recall seeing before. Outside the CFIS studios at Quebec Street and Third Avenue is a four-way stop.

One day last week, I saw a person on a motorized scooter come down Quebec Street and calmly go straight into the intersection without even slowing down at the stop sign.

Of course, he may not have seen the stop sign, since he was talking on his cellphone at the time.

That raised a question for me: What are the legalities here? Could he be charged with driving without due care and attention for doing that? If he had run into a pedestrian in the intersection, what could he be charged with?

As if the local police didn’t have enough trouble with drivers of cars and trucks in prince George, now they have this as well.

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