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Doctors rally against anti-SOGI protest

A group of Prince George physicians calling themselves PG Physicians Against Hate, is raising concerns about an upcoming protest due to take place at Prince George City Hall, on September 20.

Area residents opposed to sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) education in schools will gather outside Prince George City Hall at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. The protest is one of many planned in 77 cities and towns across Canada.

The Prince George event will be part of the #1 Million March 4 Children movement, with events scheduled across the country to protest SOGI, as well as mixed bathrooms, “gender ideology” and students using the pronouns of their choice.

The protest is calling for parents to take their children out of school on Wednesday to protest SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) programs and safe, inclusive schools. SOGI is a framework that applies to everyone, no matter their identity, and aims to make schools safe spaces for all.

“The body of evidence supporting gender affirming care is clear, there is no space for hate in our schools, in our healthcare system or in our country,” said Dr. Sheona Mitchell-Foster, MD.

PG Physicians Against Hate is urging parents to keep their children in schools on Wednesday, as this is the safest environment for them.

PG Physicians Against Hate says the protest and the movement behind it are spreading dangerous and harmful rhetoric. They are calling on community members to attend a family-friendly counter demonstration at 4 p.m. at City Hall Wednesday September 20.

The group says gender affirming care is not commonly understood, and the spread of misinformation is adding to the confusion among members of the public.

“As a physician, it would be unethical to withhold gender affirming care, which has been clearly shown to save lives, just as it would be unethical to withhold any other life saving care,” said Dr. Ingrid Cosio, MD.

A solid body of reputable evidence shows that gender affirming care can save lives, significantly improve mental health, and reduce suicide attempts, they say. Contrary to common misconceptions, gender affirming health care is a gradual, patient-led, and largely reversible process. Support at school and at home are crucial for the wellbeing of trans youth and children, as with all children, they say.

People can also contact their MP and MLA to speak out against this movement, say the doctors.


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