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City clears homeless out of Millennium Park

City staff cleared and secured Millennium Park Monday, in an effort coordinated by Director of Public Safety Adam Davey and with assistance from RCMP and Prince George Fire Rescue Services.

Occupants were required to vacate the park, along with any personal property they wished to retain, pursuant to a notice of trespass posted by the city on August 31, and an evacuation order from Prince George Fire Rescue Services Chief Cliff Warner posted September 8. Individuals remaining at the park were given the opportunity to collect any possessions still on the site. Any material remaining which was identified by staff as being of potential use or value has been placed on the adjacent sidewalk, and will be available for collection until today.

“Volunteers worked over the weekend to assist former occupants of Millennium Park to transport their possessions to the city’s designated temporary overnight sheltering area at the end of Fifth Avenue,” said Mayor Simon Yu in a news release. “City staff did a very good job today clearing the remaining material from the ark.

“We know that the province is working to bring more housing online, hopefully in the near future. Individuals seeking indoor shelter are encouraged to contact BC Housing outreach staff.”

Millennium Park has now been fenced, and will remain closed to the public until further notice.

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