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Kodiaks announce 2023 coaching staff

After a long off-season with many changes the Prince George Kodiaks Football team have solidified their coaching staff as they near the start of the 2023 football season.

The offence will be shaped by a combination of new and returning faces. Local coaches: Ken Hocker – receivers, Ethan Ready – receivers, Scott Wegner- running backs, Brad Paakkonen – offensive line, Rob Sherlock – offensive line, Calvin Sanheim – offensive line, Chris Buker – offensive assistant. Joining the Kodiaks with coach Jamie Boreham from his time in Kelowna is Johannes van Leenen – offensive advisor. Todd Hansen, former Prince George high school player, and after many years of coaching in the BCFC,  will lead and develop the offence as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator.

“Gaining a coach with the experience of coach Hansen is invaluable. He has experience in this league, rapport with the players, and has fit seamlessly into the coaching staff,”  said Boreham.

The offence will have a new look with many new faces and weapons, they look to be dynamic and have playmakers all over the field.

“Assembling a coaching staff is no different than choosing your team. It is important to have the right people in the right roles, fit is important,” said Boreham.

The 2023 Kodiaks defensive coaching staff will see some new faces and coaches undertaking new roles and responsibilities. Local coaches, Sean Yeulet – defensive line, Scott Stoughton – defensive
assistant/PG high school scout, Ryan Bellamy – linebackers/player support, Craig Briere – defensive coordinator, Reid Williams – defensive assistant/film coordinator.

Joining coach Boreham from past connections at the University of Manitoba, Adrien Kellman – defensive backs. Garfield Nelson, after his time with York University, has joined the staff as
special teams coordinator/eastern Canada scout. Although this rounds out the coaching staff, there are many people that have stepped into roles with the club to help put the 2023 Kodiaks together: Nick Pankhurst – director of scouting, Carly Krebs – equipment manager.

Join the Kodiaks this weekend as they take on the 2022 national champions.

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