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Nove Voce wins at International Choral Kathaumixw competition

The International Choral Kathaumixw has now officially wrapped up and Nove Voce is proud to be the winner of the Equal Voices Category.

Equal Voices simply means all male/bass or all female/treble choirs. This year they completed against three other choirs from the U.S. and Canada and were awarded the top prize in their category.
After winning their category Nove Voce got to compete against the other four winners for the coveted Choir of the World title which was won by the Saskatoon Girls Choir.

This is Nove Voce’s second time attending and first time winning at Kathaumixw. They were also named the top Adult Community Choir in B.C. this year at the BC Festival of Performing Arts.

The singers in Nove Voce have practiced for the last six months perfecting their five competition pieces, and seven other pieces for their showcase concerts the choristers practice two nights, three hours a week learning and memorizing their music and choreography. They were privileged to travel with their pianist Maureen Nielsen.

More about Kathumixw can be found here :

Kathaumixw is B..C’s most prestigious international festival, founded in 1984 it has operated every two years, hosting choirs from all over the world. Nove Voce was there for six days, competed in two different categories and sang in five concerts. They were adjudicated by Hong Kongs’sDr. Lesley Chan ( more here:  and Sweden’s Fred Sjoberg  ( more here:

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