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Myatovic drafted by Anaheim Ducks

Prince George’s Nico Myatovic is headed to California.

He was drafted early in second round (33rd overall) in this week’s NHL draft. Myatovic played for the Seattle Thunderbirds in the WHL.

Here’s what Anaheim Ducks Assistant GM Martin Madden had to say about Myatovic:

“We’ve loved Nico from last year. Really, really good hockey sense and applies it in different ways. He’s a support player for good players. He did it on a elite Seattle team this year. He does all the little things right and he has the skill to be able to produce in front of the net. So he makes plays, but mostly he’s an elite support player, somebody who can get pucks for first and second line players.

“He’s somebody who’s the first on the backcheck and somebody who’s always in the goalie’s face. He’s a culture guy, an unbelievable kid who is mature beyond his years with lots of room to grow and get stronger and faster.”

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