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Regional district hands out Endowment Fund grants

Fifteen community projects received a total of $48,103 in funding support through the Fraser-Fort George Endowment Fund Grants.

Endowment Funds have been established for five regional district electoral areas (Salmon River-Lakes, Chilako River-Nechako, Hixon-Woodpecker, Willow River-Upper Fraser and Crooked River-Parsnip)

The organizations receiving support from these funds include:

  • Northwest 4-H Club
  • Miworth Community Association
  • Mud River Beaverly Farmers Institute
  • Norman Lake Community Association
  • Hixon Community Association
  • Hixon Volunteer fire Department Society
  • Hixon Hill Riders
  • Shell Glen Improvement Society
  • Sinclair Mills Education & Recreation Club
  • Bear Lake Recreation Association
  • Summit Lake Community Association

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