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Wheelin’ Warriors of the North launch honourary rider campaign

Karin Piche and Ron Gallo announce the Wheelin’ Warriors of the North’s honourary rider campaign.

Karin Piche, founder and captain of Wheelin’ Warriors of the North, is introducing an honourary rider campaign to help the team raise additional funds leading up to the Tour de Cure on August 26-27th, 2023.  

One hundred honourary rider spots are available in total. One $200 donation allows an individual to officially become an honourary rider of Wheelin’ Warriors of the North.  One hundred per cent of money raised from this fundraising initiative stays local and directly benefits the BC Cancer Foundation (Centre for the North).  The goal of this campaign is to raise $20,000.

One hundred honourary rider wristbands will be available for pick up at the Cycle Logic store at 1443 Third Avenue.  The 100 honourary riders will also be showcased on the Wheelin’ Warriors of the North social media channels throughout the next couple months. 

For anyone interested in becoming an honourary rider, they can make their $200 donation online at . They can then select which individual rider they would like to donate to. All donations receive a tax receipt. 

The Tour de Cure is B.C.’s largest cycling fundraiser, powering leading cancer care innovation across the province through the BC Cancer Foundation. Over 70 local Wheelin’ Warriors of the North riders will be participating in the two-day event. They’ll join over 2,000 riders and volunteers in the annual fundraiser.

In addition to this major fundraising initiative, Karin Piche and the team are planning the annual Free Wheelin’ Dinner and Dance, scheduled for May 27. For more information, please contact Karin Piche at 250-617-1507.

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