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City reviewing grant programs

The city is undergoing a review of its grant programs to understand the needs of local not-for-profit (NFP) groups and ensure the programs are meeting the needs of the community.

Phase one is now complete. It focused on information gathering through several engagement opportunities including an ideas jam, online surveys, and focus groups. NFPs identified four key findings:

    1. City grant processes are working well and are appreciated.
    2. There are some administrative tasks that can be undertaken immediately to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.
    3. If substantive changes are made to the City’s granting processes, NFPs want to be consulted.
    4. The greatest opportunities for improvements to how the City supports NFP service delivery extend beyond the administration of grant programs.

City staff will create project team with representation from all involved divisions to review current practices to support NFP service delivery (e.g., service agreements, low-cost leases, in-kind services, etc.) and propose recommendations for council consideration.

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