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Chieftain Auto Parts celebrates 50 years in Prince George

Why is it important to celebrate milestones? Some people would say it’s important to acknowledge success, while others would say it’s a way to celebrate the relationships behind those successes. Chieftain Auto Parts staff agree with both of those ideas and add another: celebrating milestones lets us reflect on what we’ve been through and where we’ve come from and helps us to look forward to the future.

Chieftain Auto Parts invites you to help celebrate its 50th anniversary in Prince George.

In 1973, Peter and Eileen Heinze decided to open Chieftain. With Peter’s expertise in the automotive
industry and Eileen’s savvy as a bookkeeper, a successful business was born.

Peter and Eileen’s son, Trevor, and daughter, Jayne, have been around Chieftain their entire lives.
They not only learned the business through conceptual insight and practical expertise, they grew up with a keen understanding of their customers and the community of Prince George.

In 1994, Trevor and Jayne thought it prudent to become members of the Modern Sales Buying Group. This strategic alliance has granted them exceptional buying power that not only allows them to access and stock an enormous inventory, but also allows them to pass along bulk savings. It was a game changer and that’s one thing that Trevor and Jayne are proud of, they’re not afraid to take risks.

In 1993, they opened the Chieftain branch on the Hart. Jayne’s son, Spencer, manages that store and it’s a point of pride that the family tradition is being carried on.

Chieftain Auto Parts has been asked to expand into other markets, but they’ve chosen to keep it local so
they can continue to maintain the high level of customer service you’ve come to expect. When asked why he thinks Chieftain is such a Prince George success story Trevor says: “Our customers
appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience that our team provides. Not only the options and our product knowledge, but if we don’t have it in the warehouse, we’ll find it, we have the contacts. Our customers really appreciate that.”

they hope to see you at their 50th anniversary clearance sale on May 27 in the warehouse.

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