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Apparently some signs don’t apply

Last Wednesday, I saw one of those moments on the road where you have to wonder what the driver was thinking.

I was headed east on Fifth Avenue, getting ready to turn right onto Ahbau, behind Spruceland Shopping Centre.

That’s when I noticed a sign by the curb on the right side of Fifth, directly in the lane you would be turning from. It was a very simple sign, indicating there was no right turn available on Ahbau.

I started thinking about how I could get to my destination by another route, but the driver two cars ahead of me had a different plan.

They were already in the right-hand lane, so they pulled around the “No turning” sign, then swung back into the turn lane. Imagine their surprise when they got to the intersection and were faced with a row of pylons blocking the turn, just as the sign had indicated.

They pulled back into the through lane of traffic and went through the intersection, but I couldn’t help wondering if they had figured the ‘No turning’ sign only applied to other drivers and not to them.

As I proceeded along Fifth to get to my destination, I thought of one other possibility that would explain their actions. If they had wanted to turn into the back parking lot at Spruceland, not going all the way up Ahbau to Eighth Avenue which was where the construction was, that would explain why they still tried to make the turn.

A little later that same day, I was driving back home, again along Fifth Avenue. I passed a petite woman walking a very large dog, which appeared to be well-behaved.

Half a block later, I passed a man who looked like he could have been a lineman for a football team, and he was walking what appeared to be a chihuahua.

I couldn’t help but think that someone, somewhere, had gotten the wrong script and given those two people the wrong dogs.

This is an interesting time of year on the Prince George sports scene. The winter sports are basically done, but most of the spring and summer outdoor sports haven’t started up yet.

There are some sports groups who practice year-round, but they’re still on their winter schedules, practicing inside and waiting impatiently for the go-ahead to use local fields.

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