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Kitselas and province sign framework agreement on governance

VICTORIA – Kitselas First Nation (KFN), near Terrace, and the province have signed an agreement that establishes a government-to-government framework for co-ordinating governance and decision-making processes during an environmental assessment.

The Environmental Assessment Agreement is an important step in shared decision-making between the Province and KFN, and in advancing reconciliation.

The agreement describes how the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and KFN will work together on environmental assessments for projects in KFN’s territory or where KFN’s interests may be affected by a project.

The Environmental Assessment Agreement is the second signed under Section 41 of the Environmental Assessment Act (2018) and is designed to support the EAO and KFN in their shared goal of conducting efficient, effective, transparent and rigorous environmental assessment processes. It also supports KFN’s ability to exercise its consent for projects in a manner consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which B.C. adopted in 2019.

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