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Freedom of the City award to be handed out Monday

A Freedom of the City award will be presented at the March 27 council meeting. The Freedom of the City is the highest honour a municipality can bestow on a distinguished person or unit of the Canadian Armed Forces (or another nation). Former Mayor Lyn Hall received an award on February 27 for his years of service to the community.

The Community Charter includes provisions under section 158 that allow a Council to grant the award to a deserving recipient. In addition to Charter-defined benefits like eligibility to vote in an election for mayor or councillor and the ability to stand for election in the municipality (if the person is a Canadian citizen), the Freedom of the City policy passed by council in 2005 also provides the following:

  • Free parking at a parking space controlled by a parking meter up to the maximum time permitted by the meter and free parking at city lots and parkades where parking is available on a short-term basis.
  • The privilege of being invited to special city council functions like volunteer appreciation dinners and inaugural council meetings.
  • A photograph of the recipient engraved with the individual’s name and status will be displayed permanently in a prominent location at City Hall.

The Freedom of the city is a designation that is infrequently awarded and only with council’s full support. The award is reflective of exceptional merit and public contribution.

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