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Celebrating Social Work Week

To mark Social Work Week 2023, the Northern Branch of the BC Association of Social Workers has arranged for a “Thank You to Social Workers Toast” to be given by Mayor Yu at the Bridget Moran Statue (Third and Quebec) on Tuesday, March 21 at noon. Yu will read the city’s Social Work Week Proclamation followed by brief remarks from well-known local social worker, Chuck Fraser, who will share information about Bridget and her significant contributions to social work and to our community.

As highlighted in the city’s proclamation: “Research shows that all people, no matter their circumstance at some time in their lives, may need the expertise of a skilled social worker”.

The professional association strives to educate the public on the various types of work done by social workers (counselling, health and wellness, advocacy, policy making, teaching, researching and much more) and the range of work locations (hospitals, schools, mental health and addictions locations, seniors’ care centres, workplace assistance services, crisis centres, child protection, to name a few).

It also recognizes that much of its work is with individuals and families facing challenging life situations where privacy is critical..

What this Social Work Week event offers is an opportunity for the public to, in a simple way, say thank you to social workers, and for social workers to say thank you to one of our amazing mentors – Bridget Moran along with all the residents of Prince George who strive to make our community a better place for everyone.

Everyone is welcome at noon on March 21.

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