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Marching along with some random ramblings

Some Random Ramblings today for early March:

So did March come in like a lion or a lamb? I think it depended on which minute of which day you were looking. A huge dump of snow near the end of February, close-to-zero temperatures a couple of days later, then a dusting of snow, followed by another sort-of-cold spell over the weekend. If I were a gardener (and I am in no way, shape or form a gardener – I have a black thumb instead of a green one), I would not be rushing out to do some planting the first time we get good weather near the end of the month. If the beginning of March was any indication, good weather near the end simply means a blizzard or minus-30 temperatures a day or two later.

Something I’ve noticed more and more, especially downtown, is people doing what are basically U-turns to get into an angle parking spot on the other side of the street. If they do it right, it works great. If they don’t, it can cause a few different problems. I have been driving along Third Avenue, saw what looked like a good parking spot up ahead, and then found a vehicle which had obviously done a U-turn to park sprawled across two spots. The other problem is when the driver doesn’t quite get the angle right and has to back up. More than once I have seen a driver back up to not just block the lane they turned across, but also the lane they came from. Not cool, people.

It looks like hockey fans in the city have picked up on the fact both the Cougars and the Spruce Kings are having pretty good seasons. A look at their attendance figures from the WHL and BCHL websites respectively shows numbers which aren’t sellouts at either CN Centre or Kopar Memorial Arena but are not as embarrassing as they have been in the past. The regular seasons for both teams are almost over and they’re both going to be in the playoffs, so get out and support your local teams.

Americans universities like to talk about how they work to turn out student-athletes with their athletic teams, but I have to wonder just how scholarly the schools themselves are. In college basketball, there are four different conferences which have a number in their name. Let’s run them down (literally) alphabetically: the Atlantic 10 Conference has 15 teams; the Big 10 Conference has 12; but to make up for that the Big 12 Conference only has 10. The only conference that appears able to accurately count the number of schools it includes is the Pac 12, which does have 12 teams. That is no surprise, because the conference has changed its name in the past as necessary, from the Pacific 8 to to the Pac 10 to the current name.

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