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Artemis Gold’s Blackwater project readies for construction

Artemis Gold Inc. continues to develop the company’s Blackwater project approximately 160km southwest of Prince George. Once operational, the mind will produce gold and silver.

The company has executed an order with Finning Canada for the construction equipment required for the execution of the owner-performed scope of major works construction activities. The initial construction fleet is expected to be delivered this spring and will be composed of a variety of mining support equipment, including excavators, backhoe loaders, compactors, graders, tele-handlers, as well as fuel and water trucks, and will be further expanded throughout the construction period.

Supplementary rental equipment will be used in the interim to support the initial construction fleet until the primary mining fleet is delivered to site in preparation for the commencement of mine pre-stripping activities. Preliminary work activities will focus on development of site infrastructure including access roads, water management structures, mine haul roads, and commencement of tailings dam construction.

“As the bulk earthworks activities for the Blackwater process plant nears completion, and in anticipation of receipt the of the BC Mines Act Permits for Blackwater, we are preparing our team and making the necessary preparations with our preferred partners to secure the supply of equipment, materials and services in order to be shovel-ready for the commencement of major works construction,” said Steven Dean, chairman and CEO, in a news release. “The addition of Emily and Peter further strengthens the Artemis Management team as we continue to advance our Tier One asset base.”

Plant Site Preparation on Schedule

The plant site preparation is well advanced with the majority of the bulk earth works completed, including contractor laydown and batch plant areas. Both areas are ready for handover to the engineering, procurement and construction contractor Sedgman Canada Limited upon Sedgman’s mobilization to Blackwater.

Meanwhile, construction activities have expanded to focus on water management in readiness for spring breakup, including completion of the sediment and erosion control pond.

The process plant site area remains on track to be completed before the start of major works construction, which is expected to commence shortly following the receipt of the BC Mines Act Permits.

Construction Camp Installation

Work on the construction camp is proceeding on schedule with 150 rooms and kitchen facilities on track to be ready for occupation by the end of February, with the remaining rooms to be furnished and ready for occupation in March 2023, bringing the total camp capacity to 477 beds to meet the full complement needed for the duration of the construction period.


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