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Raising awareness about disordered eating prevention and supports

Northern Health (NH) is marking Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW) in Canada February 1-7 with a reminder about ways to participate in the awareness campaign and resources that can support those living with or affected by eating disorders.

Studies indicate that more and more youth are struggling with disordered eating, as diet culture messages suggest healthy eating is about cutting out specific foods or achieving a certain body size. For youth, trying to “eat healthier” may be a trigger for unhealthy eating attitudes and behaviours. Encouraging young people to challenge harmful messages from social media and elsewhere, and role modeling a positive relationship with food and our bodies are ways to reduce the risks for disordered eating and eating disorders.

“We have all grown up with diet culture, and it takes courage and practice to spot it and reject it,” says Emilia Moulechkova, Northern Health Dietitian and Regional Lead, School-Age Nutrition. “Sometimes it may not feel safe to do so, and that is completely okay. Working on figuring things out together with youth in your life can build trusting relationships – which is protective in itself!”

If you or someone you know is living with an eating disorder, Northern Health’s Regional Eating Disorder Clinic can help. The clinic, located in Prince George, provides services for children, youth and adults living with eating disorders along with their families. It offers in-person outpatient care for people in Prince George and the surrounding area (and for people who prefer to travel to Prince George), and it offers virtual services (phone or video chat) for people anywhere in the North.

The team at the clinic includes a manager, team lead, administrative assistant, youth and adult therapists, dietitians, nurses, occupational therapist, family physicians, life-skills workers and psychiatrist. Learn more about the clinic in this NH Story: Struggling with an eating disorder? Northern Health now offers help virtually

The NH Population Health Dietitian team invites Northern BC residents to participate in EDAW in any of the following ways: 


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