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Painless Jones Schwarzbier – the latest brew from Barkerville Brewing Co. celebrates Black History Month

Famous for creating beers honouring the rich history of British Columbia, Barkerville Brewing Co. is celebrating Black History Month with the launch of a new beer, Painless Jones Schwarzbier. During this significant month we couldn’t think of a better representative than BC’s first licensed dentist –  William Allen Jones aka Painless Jones.

Jones was a formerly enslaved, black miner who migrated from the United States to Salt Spring Island before making his way to Barkerville in hopes of striking gold. Instead of striking gold, he set up his dental practice becoming the first dentist to offer painless dentistry; hence his nickname Painless Jones. In fact, the sign for Painless Jones still stands in Barkerville, as does his legend.

For those unfamiliar with William Allen Jones, Fran Morrison who is a director of the B.C. Black History Society is available to speak on the significance of Jones.

From now until supply runs out, Barkerville Brewing Co. is honoured to highlight the historical significance of William Allen Jones with– Painless Jones Schwarzbier. This dark German-style lager is rich with bread-like malts and a roasted, velvety character. It is the perfect balance of noble hops and a slight sweetness, followed by a clean finish.

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