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It’s a hard drive life

For the two people who were wondering where my column has been the past few weeks, the hard drive on my computer died and the first replacement unit turned out to be the one-in-a-million drive that is a dud.

For those of you who hadn’t noticed I was missing, my story is that I was on a highly sensitive government mission about which I can say no more.

I will say, having a new hard drive makes a real difference. Before I finally broke down and took the computer in for service, I would start it, go and have a shower and a quick snack, and still get back in time for the main screen to show up.

Then I would press the icon to go online, head out and do some work at CFIS, stop for a nice meal on the way home, and still get back before the program opened.

I decided something wasn’t quite right, and (for a change) my suspicions were correct. The computer people put in the new hard drive, copied everything over from the old drive, then released it back into my care.

I took it home, started it up and almost instantly the main screen was up. I went online, and about five minutes later, the whole system froze up.

I called the computer place, described the situation, and they said to bring it in again.

So I did, and later that day got a call saying they couldn’t access the new hard drive at all. So I took the old hard drive back down, they ordered another new hard drive, copied the stuff over again, and called me to say it was good to go.

And so far, it has been. The new, quicker startup times for both the computer itself and getting online are great, but they mean I have to reschedule my showers and my work at CFIS because I don’t have that computer start-up time to work with any more.

The past few weeks without a computer also meant my cellphone got more of a workout. I have my email on it, as well as Facebook, and I was using both of those a lot to set up interviews for After Nine and Post to Post.

One problem I have at times with the email on my phone is that it seems the program likes to save up emails it receives and let me see them in groups of five.

There have been times I have gotten the ‘Beep’ that tells me I have emails on my phone, I check, and there are five of them, including two which were apparently sent a couple of hours ago.

But now things are back to normal, or at least a reasonable facsimile of same.

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