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Bill’s Eerily Inaccurate Predictions for 2023

Christmas is over and the new year is about to begin. That means it’s time for Bill’s Eerily Inaccurate Predictions for 2023.

I predict that there won’t be a municipal election next year. Nailed it. This prognostication stuff isn’t too tough.

I also predict that the Canucks will win the cup. OK, batting .500 now. Heck, it’s a stretch to predict the Canucks will make the playoffs.

But back to the local elections. I predict the honeymoon period with council will last until spring for the local naysayers. However, hats off to local council critic John Zukowski. The cry against many armchair critics is often “if you don’t like what’s going at City Hall, run for office.” He did. He didn’t get in, but good on him for putting his name forward on the ballot instead of just on Facebook.

I predict there won’t be a federal election this year, even though Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is itching for one. I suspect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh aren’t itching for one. I get the feeling they want to wait until the shine wears off Poilievre.

I predict there might be an election in B.C. this year (OK that’s hedging my bets on predictions). I get the feeling Premier David Eby may drastically mis-read the electorate and call an election in the fall. That will pretty much guarantee a BC Liberal/BC United Party/or-whatever-name-you-like-that-will-make-you-forget-who-we-used-to-be party victory.

I predict there will be an election in Alberta this year, unless Premier Danielle Smith declares that provincial elections have to be wrestled away from Ottawa and subsequently declares herself Defender of the Faith and Protector of the Realm.

I also predict she won’t say something stupid. OK, now I’m batting .100.

I hate to predict it, but I get the feeling the city’s homeless population will continue to stymie and confound local leaders. It’s great that new Premier David Eby has acquiesced to the city’s request, initiated by Coun. Kyle Sampson, for a confab on the confounding issue. Confabs are only good if something actually happens on the ground. As a recent report to council outlined, one of the biggest problems is that all the agencies operate in their own silos. What’s needed is a co-ordinated approach.

None of this is new. But at least with the premier’s attention, here’s hoping something can be done because a lot of those silos get their marching orders from Victoria, not city council which bears the brunt of the criticism.

So the question is: Can Eby herd cats?

I predict there will be an early spring, but that’s just because I saw my shadow the other day and I’ll grasp at any straw for an early spring.

There you have it, predictions for 2023 that you can take to the bank … if you want to lose your shirt.

Happy New Year. 



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