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Council defers decision on Mega Park after long term costs revealed

Council has put off making a decision on a proposed Mega Park in the city after seeing a city report outlining how much the park will cost over the next 50 years.

“The LCC Analysis Report indicates the total cost of ownership for the proposed Mega Park over a 50-year time
period is over $68 million,” reads a staff report presented to council Monday. “This includes a total of $22.6 million of operating and maintenance costs and $41.6 million in capital renewals over that same 50 years. The park will likely provide service to the community long after 50 years, but for this analysis, the 50th and final year’s costs were not included because it assumes that at year 50, the assets will not be renewed.”

Mayor Simon Yu pointed out the report is the first in-depth look at the project for new members of council, who are also grappling with their first city budget.

The long term costs analysis does not include costs associated with the required site preparation works (i.e. geotechnical and environmental investigation), or service connections (i.e. private utilities, civil works, streetlights) that will be required for the park. These costs would be evaluated following the completion of a park design.

The proposed Mega Park is a project spearheaded by Prince George Community Foundation, Rotary Club of Prince George and Colliers Project Leaders and is proposed for the corner of Ospika Boulevard and 22nd Avenue.

The six major park features include: Junior adventure park, youth adventure park, spray park, accessible playground, pump track, and senior-friendly outdoor fitness station. The other park amenities include features such as a washroom with changeroom, picnic shelter and tables, trees, benches, turf, irrigation, etc.



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