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CNC board approves tuition and mandatory fees for programs starting in August 2023

CNC’s Board of Governors has approved a two per cent increase to tuition and mandatory fees for domestic students, and a four per cent increase for international student tuition and fees. These changes will come into place for programs starting on or after August 1, 2023.

CNC has different tuition rates for domestic and international students. Funding from the Government of British Columbia offsets domestic students’ tuition. International students are not eligible for such subsidies.

CNC president Dr. Dennis Johnson explained the college makes its tuition and fee decisions every year. CNC approves and announces any changes well in advance, so students have the most accurate information when making financial plans for their education.

“Our intention in our annual tuition adjustments is to be fair and mindful of the needs of all students. The college is focusing on high-quality education and training for all students while keeping access and affordability well in mind,” said Dr. Johnson.

The Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills requires post-secondary institutions in B.C. to abide by their tuition limit policy when making changes. The tuition limit policy caps domestic increases at two per cent annually but leaves international increases to the discretion of each individual institution.

“We know from international students that CNC’s current tuition and fees are determining factors to attend CNC as its affordability is a real benefit. CNC’s current year tuition is among most affordable of BC’s colleges,” said Shelley Carter-Rose, CNC’s vice president of student affairs.

CNC has kept any tuition or fee increases as minimal as possible, as reflected by the consistency of changes over the past five years. CNC is one of the most affordable colleges in B.C. with the third lowest tuition for international students in the province.

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