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UNBC, Northern Health renew partnership in learning and research

Northern Health Authority board chair Colleen Nyce. File photo

On December 5, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Northern Health (NH) and the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) was renewed for a fourth time. This renewal is in recognition of a shared commitment to furthering knowledge about and developing the capacity for the advancement of the health of northern British Columbians through the integration of practice, education and research.

In 2010, Northern Health established the MOU with UNBC to bring organizational commitment and support to the strong interpersonal education and research relationships that have existed for many years. The MOU was renewed in 2016 and again in 2018 to reflect successes and update priority areas.

These partnerships are critical in developing employees for the future, providing the training our staff needs, and acting as the bridge between practice and research.” said Colleen Nyce, chair of the NH Board. “Northern Health benefits greatly from close, collaborative relationships with education partners like UNBC.”

UNBC and NH have identified the following northern-focused shared priority areas as part of the 2022 MOU renewal:

    1. Addressing critical health human resource needs through collaborative recruitment and retention strategies
    2. Improving care through the co-development of research initiatives and mobilization of findings
    3. Developing collaboration supports to better connect UNBC and NH teams 
    4. Enhancing cultural safety and humility while reducing Indigenous-specific racism

“We have had a long-standing working relationship with Northern Health, which has led to a wide variety of opportunities for our students and faculty, including immersed study placements, shared learning spaces and focused research relationships,” said UNBC President Dr. Geoff Payne. “This MOU ensures we will continue to work well together to improve health care services across northern B.C.”

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