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Williams Lake school shooting threat turns out to be a prank

On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, Williams Lake RCMP investigated a report of a possible planned school shooting.

Police were alerted to the possible threat when students at a local school received concerning messages on the Snapchat App, indicating that there would be a school shooting.

Police were quick to find out that two youths were responsible for the message and that they meant it as a prank. The two boys fabricated an account in a third boy’s name and sent the message with a photograph of firearms and a threatening caption.

“We take this very seriously and public safety is a top priority,” said A/Sgt Phil Charron, Operations Support NCO.

The local school and parents are engaged and while those involved committed a criminal offence under Section 372(1) of the Criminal Code, False Messages, the Williams Lake RCMP believe that this can be successfully resolved by the school and parents involved. Any disciplinary action will be at their discretion. This is a good reminder to have discussions about the responsible use of social media and the impact something like this can have, say police.

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