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Chetwynd Hospital ER to have intermittent service over the next week

Chetwynd and area residents are advised of the potential for intermittent and temporary service interruptions to the emergency department at the Chetwynd Hospital over the next week due to limited staff availability. In the event nursing coverage cannot be maintained, this may require temporary diversion to other area hospitals or clinics, on short notice.
If you have an EMERGENCY:
People in the community who need life-threatening emergency care (i.e. chest pains, difficulty breathing, or severe bleeding) should always call 9-1-1 for transport to the nearest available and appropriate facility. In the event of diversion, our partners in patient transfer and local health services will be notified, and signage will be in placed at the facility informing patients to call 9-1-1 for transport.
Patients who aren’t sure whether their condition would warrant an emergency room visit, or who need health advice can call HealthLink BC (8-1-1), or visit www.HealthLinkBC.cafor non-emergency health information from nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists 24 hours a day, seven days per week.
Alternatively, patients can also call the NH Virtual Clinic at 1-844-645-7811 (daily from 10am to 10pm) to access a family doctor or nurse practitioner:…/medical…/virtual-clinic
We appreciate your patience and understanding, and your support for our dedicated health care providers and staff at the Chetwynd Hospital.

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