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Nature Trust of BC raising funds to protect Meteor Lake Wetlands

Meteor Lake Wetlands. Carl MacNaughton photo

The Nature Trust of British Columbia, one of the province’s leading non-profit land conservation organizations, announces that it has been given the opportunity to purchase four parcels of land totalling 235 hectares (581 acres) that are part of the ecologically rich Meteor Lake Wetland – one of the largest wetland areas in the Upper Fraser River watershed. 

The wetlands are located within the traditional territory of the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation and contain rare and invaluable peatlands. 

The four new parcels collectively called Meteor Lake Wetland – Bog will be protected by The Nature Trust in fee simple ownership, ensuring that the area will never be developed or sold.

Composed of organic matter which has accumulated over thousands of years without decomposing, the peatlands present in this wetland complex trap large amounts of greenhouse gasses, including methane and carbon. Despite only comprising three per cent of the global land area, peatlands contain approximately 25 percent of global soil carbon – twice the amount of carbon absorbed by the world’s forests. The bogs and fens within the area absorb, filter, and regulate water flow, preventing potentially disastrous upland flooding. Peatlands can be found sparsely across the Cariboo and South Coast, however they are found in Northern B.C. 

“The carbon absorption capabilities of this area are fantastic. Keeping it natural is key to ensuring the surrounding areas remain healthy. The importance of these peatlands for our climate and biodiversity cannot be overstated. We are very excited about this opportunity to protect these four parcels of land.” said Jasper Lament, CEO of The Nature Trust.

Meteor Lake Wetland – Bog ranks very high in its ecological value. In addition to its significant climate regulating properties, the land provides food, breeding grounds, and habitat for grizzly bear and moose, as well as threatened and at-risk mammals, birds, and amphibians. The federally threatened northern goshawk and endangered white sturgeon are two species of concern found within the area. The property also contains bog and fen ecosystems with rare and specialized flora and fauna – including two provincially rare blue-listed ecological communities. 

The purchase of these four land parcels adds to the legacy of The Nature Trust of BC, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to protecting the vulnerable ecosystems and rich biodiversity in BC and helping to mitigate the impact of climate change in our province.

You can support The Nature Trust of BC in purchasing and protecting these four parcels Meteor Lake Wetland – Bog by donating to their campaign. The deadline for fundraising is November 30, 2022. Donate here

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