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Carrier Sekani Family Services statement of principles for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

CSFS board president and Cheslatta Carrier Nation Chief Corrina Leween

Carrier Sekani Family Services (CSFS) is acknowledging the past, present and forward-looking work in supporting the goals of truth and reconciliation in our organization, for the communities it serves directly and for all Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Canada.

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, or ‘Orange Shirt Day’ marks an important time for contemplation and gratitude, as well as personal and collective commitments.

“Shared wisdoms and a focus on resiliency are paramount to the success of truth and reconciliation,” said CSFS board president and Cheslatta Carrier Nation Chief Corrina Leween. “This day is dedicated to reconciling what has happened in the past, and today we are healing – but we look to move past healing so that future generations can truly thrive.”

“For CSFS, working through the impacts of colonialism and the residential school systems is not new,” said CSFS CEO Warner Adam. “We started this organization 32 years ago with the specific and expressed vision of balancing the effects of cultural devastation and colonialism experienced by Indigenous families and children with culturally sensitive services that are consistent with traditional laws. The organization was created to reassert First Nations control of justice, health, social and family services. Our people want to move on, they want to prosper.”
With the historical impacts of colonization affecting the health and wellness of the Carrier and Sekani people, providing services through culturally relevant and holistic methods ensures that wellness can be restored and strengthened for our individual clients, families, communities and Nations, Leween said. From evidenced-based models of primary care and clinical mental health services to culturally safe child and family services and holistic wellness.

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