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Evacuation order for Hudson’s Hope as Battleship Mountain fire rages

Battleship Mountain Fire. B.C. Wildfire Service photo

An evacuation order has been issued by the District of Hudson’s Hope and the Peace River Regional District due to the Battleship Mountain Fire, which is still classed as out of control.

The evacuation order is for all properties within the municipal boundaries of Hudson’s Hope. The Peace River Regional District order affects the following areas within Electoral Area B and E:

  • Following the eastern boundary of Butler Ridge Provincial Park from the District of Hudson’s Hope Boundary to the Northern tip, proceeding east until a point intersection Farrell Creek;
  • South following Farrell Creek to a point where the Farrell Creek meets the Peace River, due West following the Peace River to the District of Hudson’s Hope boundary;
  • East of Johnson Creek forestry service road at 40km, North following Dowling Creek to the District of Hudson’s Hope boundary;
  • South along the Hudson’s Hope boundary to a point where it intersects Coalbed Creek, and Southwest to a point of intersection with Pete Lake, continuing Southwest to a point of intersection with Moberly Lake forestry service road;
  • West following Moberly River to a point including Stubley Creek heading in a north-westerly direction to the boundary of Klin-Se-Za Addition Provincial Park;
  • North along the easterly boundary of the Klin-Se-Za Addition Provincial Park, to a point intersecting Dowling Creek and north following Dowling Creek to the Johnson FSR to 40km.
  • All of Twelve Mile Rd. from the District of Hudson’s Hope Boundary West, including Josef Rd., Dunlevy Rd., Eagle Heights Dr. and Aspen Ridge Dr.;
  • Including all areas South and East of Butler Ridge Park Boundary
  • North shore of Williston Lake
  • Table Creek south to Dowling Creek (8km west of the WAC Bennett Dam, 40km Johnson FSR)
  • Southwest following Dowling Creek to the intersection of McAllister Creek
  • West to approximately 10km West of Peck Creek
  • North to Williston Lake

Residents are to check in at the North Peace Arena located at 9805 – 96 Ave Fort St. John for emergency support services.

Residents who have already found their own accommodations are to call 250-794-3310 to check in with emergency support services.

Personnel conducted a successful planned ignition operation Friday due to favourable conditions on site. The aerial ignition commenced from Williston Lake and continued southwest towards the Johnson Forest Service Road. Crews used the Utah Forest Service Road and the Table Creek Forest Service Road as control lines. The ignition was supported by ground crews conducting hand ignitions from the control lines to tie into the aerial ignitions.

The ignition operation allowed crews to gain a defensive advantage by removing fuel between control lines and free burning edge of the widlfire to better reinforce containment lines for the coming days of expected aggressive fire behaviour.

Night operations will occur this evening for crews to monitor fire behaviour overnight and perform hand ignitions.

Crews will work over the coming days to clean up unburnt fuel where ignition operations occurred today by performing hand ignitions to reinforce containment lines.

Heavy equipment will work to build guard on the south flank of the fire off of the Johnson Forest Service Road towards Wright Lake.

Unit crews worked at the WAC Bennett Dam and in Hudson’s Hope supporting structure protection set up and implementation of the structure defense plan.

Structure Protection crews will continue working on setting up structure protection apparatus in priority areas today, including within Hudson’s Hope and on critical infrastructure. Crews are working closely with the Hudson’s Hope Fire Department.

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