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Sometimes you just have to leg it out

How did it become September already?

I’m sure it was May just a couple of weeks ago.

Since it has cooled off some in Prince George the last few days, I’ve been doing a bit more driving than walking, which means I’m noticing things I might not have when I was walking.

For instance, the big sign at CN Centre, which had been totally inactive for a couple of years during the pandemic, was up and running again – for a while. The last several times I’ve gone by, there’s a faint outline of a man’s face on one side, and the words “HOME OPENER” on the other, and they aren’t moving. I suspect more problems in the works.

I also found it very pleasant last week to be able to drive all the way from downtown to my place on Third Avenue. That would be the newly repaved Third Avenue.

I (and other drivers) enjoy the smoothness of the ride, but I suspect the businesses in the area are even happier to have parking spaces back and a way for their customers to get to their front doors easily.

Then, yesterday morning, I decided it was time for a good walk. I mean, I’d been walking with my Mom, following a course she has in her neighbourhood which is about a mile, but I decided I wanted to go for a longer walk at my own pace.

So Tuesday, I walked into the station early in the morning (like 3:30 a.m. early). It was a good walk and my legs felt a little sore when I got there.

As the morning progressed, I made sure to get and take some short walks in the atrium of the building. Even just those walks, though, were making my legs feel tired.

Nothing daunted, when I was finished there around 10:20, I set off home again.

However this time I decided I was going to take it somewhat easier, and split the journey up. So I started by walking to Books & Company, spent a few minutes chatting with Kayli about when their next appearance on After Nine would be, then set off again.

By this time, my legs were already starting to hurt a bit, so I decided if a bus came by when I happened to be at a bus stop, I would take it the rest of the way.

Well, no buses came by while I was at a bus stop. Three came by when I was within half a block of a stop, but none when I was at the stop.

So I ploughed on. Next resting point – Spruceland Shopping Centre. I stopped a couple of stores, gathered my packages and my courage, and set out on the final stretch.

Long story short: I made it home; my legs immediately went to bed for the rest of the day; and I was left with nowhere to go, so I wrote my column.

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