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Prolific offenders investigation report will be released mid-September

VICTORIA – Due to extensive public feedback and the complexity of the issues underlying crime in communities across the province, experts conducting an investigation into prolific offenders require a short extension to complete their work.

The investigation is being conducted by Doug LePard, an expert in policing and criminal justice, and Amanda Butler, an expert in mental health and criminal justice systems. LePard and Butler are studying prolific offenders in B.C., a relatively small number of people who commit crimes repeatedly. This issue continues to impact the well-being of communities and local businesses throughout the province.

An overwhelming number of people have reached out to the experts to share their experiences and provide recommendations on prolific offenders, including about highly visible crime in downtown cores and unprovoked, violent stranger attacks. The challenges underlying these issues are complex, requiring thoughtful analysis and creative solutions.

LePard and Butler’s report will include input from mayors, police, the BC Prosecution Service, health authorities, the Crown Police Liaison Committee working group, the BC First Nations Justice Council and many other stakeholders.

The experts have indicated more time is needed to submit their report, which government was to receive by Sept. 2, 2022, in order to effectively consider all feedback and make recommendations.

To ensure actions can be implemented as soon as possible, the Province has agreed to release the recommendations and an executive summary in mid-September before the full report. The full report will be available by the end of September.

The Province is already taking action to improve public safety, including through the Crown Police Liaison Committee working group and the Firearm Violence Prevention Act, which will provide additional tools for law enforcement officials to address illegal and unsafe use of firearms. The Province is developing the regulations necessary to bring this act into force.

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