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Todd Corrigall running for mayor

Todd Corrigall
Chamber of Commerce CEO Todd Corrigall

Todd Corrigall has announced he is running for mayor.

With his wife Melanie and his daughter Violet at his side, the Prince George and District Chamber of Commerce CEO made the announcement Wednesday morning in downtown Prince George.

“Prince George is poised to become one of the best communities in BC, but that requires vision and leadership,” he said. “We can lead the province as an incredible place to live, work, invest, raise a family, attend post-secondary, and retire. I believe in a local government that will bring people together and seek solutions to complex problems.”

Well known for the strong advocacy positions he has taken during his role as CEO of the Prince George Chamber of Commerce over the past five years, Corrigall said those experiences have allowed him to listen and hear the concerns of hard-working citizens and tax payers.

Prior to Corrigall’s time at the Chamber of Commerce he spent time working for, and with, a number of government and non-government organizations including the City of Prince George and as a Deputy City Manager in Alberta. He also ran his own consulting business for 15 years.

“Too often, the city asks for feedback and then ignores what they’ve heard, pushing forward with their own agenda,” he said. “This practice cannot continue. We need accountable leaders that truly believe in listening to those that have elected them to serve.”

Corrigall’s campaign is focused on four key areas:

  1. A safe and livable community – Creating a community that supports one another and provides the opportunity to grow strategically with safety at its core.
  2. Respect for taxpayers – Creating a community that supports the hardworking taxpayers and the dollars they contribute to making this a community to be a part of.
  3. Local government that actually listens – Creating a framework for feedback, inclusion and dialogue. Understanding that we have stakeholders right here that can provide valuable insights and opportunities.
  4. Positive change, real leadership Decisions have to be made. Decisions cannot be held back out of fear.

“We need elected officials prepared to make decisions that move our community forward,” he said.

Corrigall highlighted the need to actively work together to make the best decisions for the community, and a need for leadership to work with all of council to enable progress and positive change.

“We are at a pivotal time for Prince George,” he said. “We can choose new ideas, change, and a clear vision for the future. Let’s send a message that Prince George is ready to lead. Let’s all be heard and see the change we want for a better community for our children, our grandchildren, our friends, neighbours, and fellow citizens. On October 15, or whenever you cast your ballot, vote Corrigall for mayor.”

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