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Frances Gobbi named Artist-in-Residence by Community Arts Council

Frances Gobbi

The Community Arts Council of Prince George and District has named Frances Gobbi as its 2022-23 Artist-in-Residence.

Now in its eighth year, the Artist-in-Residence program has established a reputation of helping to launch and develop the careers of talented visual artists in a diverse range of media. Last year, the CAC supported visual artist Erin Stagg.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with the CAC as the Artist-in-Residence for the next 12 months.,” said Gobbi. “I am excited to move into the studio at Studio 2880 as this will open up opportunities for collaboration with others and to share my art practice with the community.”

Gobbi is an artist, mother, and educator.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. Gobbi lives with her husband and two children in Prince George, the town where she was born and raised.

Gobbi’s work is often playful as she works to capture the sense of awe one experiences when surrounded by the vastness of nature. She is interested in organization and structure and how it relates to belonging. She finds inspiration in imaginative play, nature, and the rhythm of repetitive patterns. She uses a variety of mediums including photography, painting, printmaking and socially engaged art in her practice.

When not teaching, you can find her taking photographs of small toys, camping with a pencil, paint and paper stashed at easy access, hiking with friends, and skiing and playing board games with her family.

The Artist-in-Residence program is intended to accommodate artists for a period of one year for the development and production of ongoing or new bodies of work.

Components of the program include:

  • No-cost studio space at Studio 2880
  • Administrative and mentorship support
  • Website, newspaper, radio, TV and social media coverage throughout the term
  • Opportunities to display and sell artwork at CAC events
  • Minimum one, 30-day, Feature Gallery Exhibit

The Artist-in-Residence also facilitates outreach activities such as talks, workshops and exhibitions, intended to promote interaction and professional development, and provide access to a diverse range arts practices within the community.

The artists-in-residence to date have included Corey Hardeman, Cliff Mann, Crystal Tarr, Carla Joseph, Michael Kast, Lynette LaFontaine, Donna Morrison, and Erin Stagg.

“The entire CAC organization is thrilled to have an artist of such high calibre as Frances Gobbi join us for year,” said Eli Klasner, CAC Executive Director. “Frances has an ambitious plan of teaching and community engagement for her tenure as Artist-in-Residence and we can hardly wait to see the exciting collaborative work she will spearhead at Studio 2880.”

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