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City researching a brand for Prince George that reflects its culture and lifestyle

The City of Prince George has announced a new branding research project to find a voice for the city that reflects its culture and lifestyle. The first phase launched yesterday with a survey and later will expand to include consultations with resident focus groups.

“A brand for a city is like our personality. It is who we are and what we want to be known for,” said Julie Rogers, communications manager at the City of Prince George, in a news release. “When a city government makes decisions on things like what the street banners look like, the welcome signs, or even the tone they take on social media, they do so with their brand in mind.”

The project seeks to understand and articulate Prince George’s community identity. The gathered information will define the city’s brand vision, purpose, and values. With these tools, the city’s marketing and communications can paint a strong and consistent image of Prince George across B.C. and Canada, said Rogers.

Other goals involve growing local advocacy opportunities that encourage community optimism and progress and formulating a united vision for Prince George.

The project priorities include:

  1. Gathering input from the community about what it means to be from PG.
  2. Identifying Prince George’s strengths and attributes.
  3. Creating a slogan for the city.

The project will not address the ity logo (signature) or visual identity aspects like colours and fonts already in use.

The survey runs from until August 31, 2022 and is available at:


About “Picture Prince George”

Picture Prince George is a City of Prince George project to research and articulate the culture and lifestyle that makes Prince George not only loved but unique. Through creative engagement, this project will draw on the experiences and diverse motives for living, working, and playing in our great community. This research will be used to outline an updated messaging strategy for the City of Prince George.

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