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John Brink releases second book – ADHD Unlocked

Dr. Tracey Lotze wrote the foreword for John Brink’s latest book ADHD Unlocked, which was released Tuesday.

On Tuesday the second book from local Prince George resident and entrepreneur, John A. Brink, was released to the public.

The book is titled ADHD Unlocked and is available at Books And Company in Prince George, as well as online at and Amazon. John also narrated the audiobook himself, which is available through Audible.

Dr. Tracey Lotze – a Prince George medical doctor – wrote the book foreword (see below) and over 12 contributors from throughout North America – all “ADHDers” – participated in the book through a series of interviews.

John Brink spent the past 18 months writing ADHD Unlocked and is delighted to see the book released to the public this week.

At 57 years old, I found myself in a local Prince George bookstore called Books and Company. As I casually wandered through the aisles, I was drawn to a particular title: Driven to Distraction, by Edward M. Hallowell and John Ratey. Reading the opening paragraph, I felt an uncommon connection to the material. The authors weren’t just talking to me, they were talking about me,” Brink, who turns 82 this November and is the Founder, President and CEO of the Brink Group of Companies (

In that moment, I was hit by a thunderclap revelation that upended my entire world. For the first time in my life, I realized who I really was — and that I wasn’t a failure; instead, I had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD.”

This was the beginning of Brink’s ADHD journey. In the ensuing years, he explored the latest thinking about the neurodevelopmental condition: how it manifests, why it occurs, how to navigate it. As he connected the dots from his past, however, he came to believe that ADHD not only didn’t hold him back from achieving his dreams, but was the key to making those dreams a reality once properly harnessed. John realized that the so-called “disorder” is actually integral to who he is at his core.

If ADHD is acknowledged, harnessed and channeled, it can offer its “owners” a toolkit of abilities that can build an extraordinary life filled with excitement, purpose, passion and achievement,” said Brink.

 In ADHD Unlocked, John lays out his prescriptions for living energetically and meaningfully with ADHD — a theme that is central to this brave and inspiring new book. This is John Brink’s second book. His autobiography – Against All Odds – was released to the public on March 13, 2021.

To listen to Dr. Tracey Lotze’s book foreword, please visit:


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