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The moon shot and other Random Ramblings

It was 53 years ago today that Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon (assuming you’re reading this on Wednesday).

That has very little to do with this week’s column, which is going to be another collection of Random Ramblings, but I thought it was worthy of note.

It looks like we’re finally getting what a lot of people in Prince George would think of as ‘nice’ summer weather. Temperatures in the upper 20s, sunny skies.

Much nicer than the heat dome we had at the beginning of last summer. My only problem is when I go to bed it’s still fairly warm, so I sleep on top of the sheets. If I ‘wake up’ a few hours later, it’s become pretty chilly, so I sometimes find when I do my real wake up, that I’m now sleeping under the sheets, which I obviously crawled under without even waking up.

I’ve also been doing a bit more walking recently, since it’s not pouring all day. I usually go to Masich Place first thing in the morning. As I’ve said before, I like the feel of the track there and knowing I’m never more than a few hundred metres from my car makes me less worried when clouds start to roll in.

If I’m walking in the afternoon, I prefer to walk in my neighbourhood. Masich Place is never really crowded, but I like to walk by myself if possible.

Speaking of Masich Place, I saw something last week there I couldn’t help but notice. The track usually has a couple of sandwich boards set up on opposite sides explaining the ‘rules’. The two I notice are that some of the lanes will often be blocked off so the whole track gets even use, and that walkers are supposed to use the outside open lanes, leaving the inside open tracks to runners.

Last week, on one day, the four inside lanes had pylons set up on them right next to the sandwich boards, so it was pretty obvious what lanes people were supposed to be in. That didn’t stop a couple of people from walking right past the pylons and using the inside lanes.

At that point I was very glad my car was in the other parking lot at the stadium, because if they paid that little attention to ‘rules’ for walking, I could only imagine how they drove.

When I’m driving around the city these days (keeping my eyes open for drivers who figure the rules only apply to other people), I still notice a lot of construction happening. One thing I wish people would do is go back a few years, and put a sign up on the fence at the site telling us what you’re building. When I don’t see a sign like that, I have to assume the building is being built just for the purpose of building it, and the owner will figure out later what it’s going to be used for.

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